What does my child need to bring?

Their own bag with

- a minimum of 3 changes of clothes based upon the need of your child

- a sun hat, togs and towel during the summer months (Term 1 & 4) 

- warm clothing/jacket and gumboots during winter months (Term 2 & 3)

- Wet bag

-Gumboots or Barefoot are best.

If your child has an allergy to regular sunblock please provide your preferred brand for your child.

If your child requires formula, please supply this.

What are your teacher to child ratios?

Under 2s have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:4 (minimum 1:5)

Over 2s have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:8 (minimum 2:20)

Room 2 have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:8 (minimum 2:20)

Do you offer 20 hours free?

We offer 20 hours subsidised fees for early childhood education, which are subsidised by the Ministry of Education.
Find out more at www.education.govt.nz

Are your teachers qualified?

A minimum of 80% of our teachers are qualified.

What food will my child eat?

Our menus have been specifically designed by our centre cook, they are designed to line up with the Healthy Heart guidelines.

My child has allergies, can you cater for this?

Yes, we cater for children with allergies. Please talk to our cook, Lorinda about your child’s specific needs.

Do the children play outside all year round?

Yes, we believe in outside play all year round and ensure that both children and teachers are dressed appropriately to ensure we can enjoy exploring the changing seasons.

You can order Mum2mum wet weather sets for $60 from our office.

Can my child have holidays

Yes, two weeks’ notice is required for all holidays. you will be charged 50% of your current booking to retain your child’s space. No more then 3 consecutive weeks is permitted.

What happens if my child gets sick?

It's important to have a plan for when your child is sick, as you will be asked to keep them away from the centre until they are well again. You will need to call the centre or complete the form online to let them know your child will be absent and let us know if they have an infectious disease e.g. Chicken Pox, conjunctivitis etc. Any absent days when you contact the centre are discounted.

Can my child occasionally do extra or casual days?

Sometimes we can accommodate for extra or casual days please email Joanna to request any changes.

What happens if I drop off early or pick up late? 

If change approved then no late fees are appliedbut if no warning or last minute change you may be charged the below.

Early drop off and late pickups - outside booked times
During hours of operation                 Normal hourly rate + $6 per 6 minutes (or part thereof)

Outside hours of operation                $20 per 15 minutes (or part thereof)