Days and Hours

We are open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5.30pm                                                       

Enrolment Bookings 

Must be a minimum of 2 x 4 hour days per week
Booking of 4 hours need to finish before 12 am or start after 1pm


Under 3 years - These fees include all nappies, meals and stationery.

$8.50 per hour if booked in for less than 6 hours per day
$7.00 per hour if booked in for 6 or more hours per day
$6.50 per hour if booked in for more than 9 hours per day

Over 3 years
FREE 20 free hours to a max of 6 hours per day to a total of 20 hours per week across all services.
$8.00 per hour after 20 hours free
$7.00 per hour if over 6 hour day and are paying for 12 or more hours per week


Family                           10% when 2 or more siblings attend
Holidays                         50% off if 2 week’s notice in writing given.

                                    Maximum 3 weeks off consecutively

Absences                       During school term    - 50% off if centre notified before 8am
                                    During school holiday - No discount unless sick and medical certificate given

                                    Absence during school holidays with no contact - $5 fee

Public Holidays                100% discounted, we are closed on all public holidays

Centre is closed               We may close from time to time due to emergency closures or extended                                            holiday periods but families will be given notice when possible.

When the centre is closed this does not count as an absence/holiday day and are excluded from the 3 weeks rule.

No holiday or absent discounts can be given if Back 2 Basics are receiving government payments for a child excluding 20 free hours.

Accounts must be up to date to receive any discounts.

Childcare Subsidies & 20 free Hours

WINZ childcare subsidies are available for fee assistance depending on the level of family income. Please go online to for more information.

20 Hours Free ECE
The government subsidises all children who are 3, 4 or 5 years old who attend early learning services. Up to 6 hours a day and up to 20 hours a week is fully subsidised, you can choose to use as many or as few hours of 20 Hours ECE as you want. 20 Hours Free is regardless of your income, if your child is a resident or citizen or any other reason. To start your child using 20 Free subsidised hours, you must sign and return an enrolment agreement and attestation form before these hours can be claimed. If you change hours or days you must resign a form to confirm changes.

For more information speak to Joanna or visit

Optional charges
Main Centre $5 per day if using attested hours (20 free hours)
If your child is over 3 and booked into the main centre and you choose not to pay optional charge, you will need to bring in named nappies/pull ups daily and we ask that you bring food in for our cook to use to prepare meals. This can be done daily, weekly or fortnightly. We cannot accept eggs, meat or dairy products.

Once off charge for duration of enrollment. Under 2's $20.00 Over 2's $15.00 Room 2 $5.00
If you choose not to pay you are required to supply your child's sunblock during term 1 and 4. This needs to be clearly named, given to staff and not kept in child's bag.

Other Charges

Early drop off and late pickups
During hours of operation Normal hourly rate + $6 per 6 minutes (or part thereof)
Outside hours of operation $20 per 15 minutes (or part thereof)

Enrolment fee
$20.00 one off to confirm new enrollment to cover administration costs – Non refundable to be paid to Back 2 Basics Childcare Limited

account details 12-3489-0043949-00 Reference: Enrol – Lastname
Please note: this enrolment can not be confirmed until the Enrolment fee is paid.