Remember that we all have our own ways of settling into a new environment.

Children also experience a mix of emotions and reactions when starting into a new environment.

Some children settle with no difficulty whereas others may take a longer time to settle.

As a parent, you may also have a mixture of feelings when leaving your child.

Our qualified and professional staff will consider all your feelings to be significant and will seek to find ways to support you and your child in these initial steps.

Important tips to settle your child into childcare

Here are some important tips to support your child’s successful transition to centre life:

* It is important that you visit the centre with your child for a few short visits before starting. It will help you and your child to explore the new environment and build up relationships with teachers.

* You can supply photo of family members for your child’s portfolio book, which will help your child to make links with home. Also share some of your cultural ways and home languages with teachers.

* Always say good bye, give them a quick hug and kiss, and handover to one of the teachers if needed. If you say you are leaving or going now please go as the prolonged farewells can cause more anxiousness.

There may be some tearful moments, but we promise they are in a safe environment and we will always call if they do not settle.

*Feel free to call the centre at any time to see how your child is doing.

At the end of the day is the better time to stay and play with your child, Our teachers will always have open and honest communication with you to build up the relationships so that we can give a good start to the lifelong learning journey of your child.