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Children’s development happens best through opportunities to explore, experiment, imagine, create, play, laugh, take risks,  problem solve and have fun. The staff at Back 2 Basics look forward to sharing this journey with your family. 


The staff at Back 2 Basics share a vision and  a commitment to provide a safe and caring environment for your child,  where we will endeavour to foster their social and emotional competence. 

The New Zealand Curriculum, Te Whariki interweaves empowerment, holistic development, family and community and   relationships. Our programme is built on this framework and includes the strands of well-being, belonging, contribution, communication and exploration. We believe our programme empowers children to learn according to their individual needs and interests by actively exploring their environment.

The Treaty of Waitangi is embedded in our practice, Tikanga and Te Reo are woven into our day. We provide an inclusive environment where families feel they have a place and all voices are heard irrespective of race, gender, culture, language, religion, ability or special needs.

Staff understand the need for  nutritional food and active movement — these are part of our everyday program.

We work closely with your family and outside specialists and the local community to ensure the best care and  education for your child.